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Driveway Imprinting Service

Creative Paving for all to see, a perfect Driveway that's Hassle Free!

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is the most popular driveway paving system on the market today. It should last a lifetime, with minimal maintenance and the added benefit of remaining weed and mould free unlike concrete pavers, block paving and tarmac.


We use the finest materials, plant and construction methods of the modern day to ensure 100% satisfaction and guarantee that to our customers. Concrete has long been used for road surfaces and driveways but in the 50's the Americans started to develop decorative paving techniques, which at first mimicked individual pavers and more recently became a unique form of hard standing in their own right.


Pattern imprinted concrete as it is known works by stamping moulds and adding colours into in-situ concrete. The system combines colour surface hardeners, release agents and acrylic sealers with three dimensional texturing tools create remarkable designs.

Pattern imprinted concrete can be designed to re-create many effects such as:

slate flags cobbles
granite block-pavers  

But by using imagination and using several patterns and colours, many special effects or individual creations can be created.


Pattern imprinted concrete is by far the most superior paving system on the market place and with minimal maintenance will last a life time. We use only the highest quality materials, which conform to British standards. The concrete formulation contains fibre mesh reinforcement and once sealed is 25% harder than standard concrete.

Driveway Imprinting Installation Process

Stage 1

We dig out 200mm [8"] of ground until we reach a solid base.

Stage 2

Then at least 100mm {4"} of hardcore is laid and compacted with a vibrating plate this will form a solid base on which to pour the concrete.

Stage 3

100mm of wooden shuttering will be installed around the perimeter of the job to form the framework in which to pour the concrete. Any steps, manholes, gulley tops or drainage requirements will be installed at the preparation stage.

Stage 4

A thin layer of polythene is laid over the hardcore before the concrete is poured.

Stage 5

The concrete is then delivered to site, tamped down, levelled and floated leaving a slight fall to ensure the rain will flow in the correct direction.

Stage 6

Two colours are used on each installation, the first and main colour is known as the colour surface hardener, in a powder form it is spread over the area and once again floated over the surface forcing the colour into the concrete, the second colour is known as the release agent usually a darker colour also in powder form and again spread over the entire area these two colours provide a 2 tone effect. At this stage the imprinting process begins.

Stage 7

A set of texture mats with your chosen pattern that interlock with each other to keep a uniformed pattern are used, carefully standing on only the mats and imprinting the job at the same time.

Stage 8

The area is cordoned off and left over night to harden.

Stage 9

The completed driveway is jet washed and acid washed where necessary to remove any excess release agent .

Stage 10

Expansion joints are cut into the surface to reduce your new driveway from unwanted cracks Depending on the pattern chosen the cuts aren't usually noticeable .

Stage 11

Any blemishes or unwanted marks are dealt with prior to sealing, this is known as dressing the driveway. At this stage an acrylic sealant with anti slip agent is applied using a hand brush. The sealant will protect the surface of the concrete and enhance your chosen colour.

Stage 12

This is optional the sealant will last up to 3 years the only maintenance necessary will be to re-seal the driveway. We will contact you after a 3 year period has passed and once again offer our services.